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So Long Sunday

Sunday was biking the rail trail and picking up geocaches. So many geocaches. It was a gorgeous day to be outside, and we discovered that a lot of the caches in that southern end of the trail are wayyyy more interesting than the northern sector. We had a lot of really good finds, and increased our total finds by fourteen. That’s a lot! It’s always incredible to me that even when a find doesn’t take very long, it still adds so much time to the journey. We were out for most of the day, and resorted to frozen yogurt treats prior to dinner in order to sate the beasts within.

Big Rocks

Saturday Brian and I went to the new secret boulder location and got into the whole route -setting, rock -cleaning bit. It was a lot of fun to have new projects, especially fresh ones that haven’t ever been climbed before. We had wire and soft brushes, lots of chalk, and lots of really great moves and sequences. Not a thing was sent, except for a long easy traverse along a ridge at the top of Nasty (the new name for that boulder) . It’s going to be really cool when we finally dry some of it out enough to send something!!

Not Home

The amount of posting I’ve done in this past month has been abysmal. I have hardly been home all month, or at least that’s how it feels. The times I have been at home I either had chores to do, or it had been so long since I was last home, I was too tired to do anything besides completely veg out. Also, where did September go? Just, what happened to it?

Spoiler alert: I’m going to be gone for most of October. Maybe there will be internet, maybe there won’t be! Same goes for cell service, running water, and electricity…

Outlaw Fridays

… are totally a thing, I recently discovered and declared it. So Outlaw Friday happened last week, it started when I made my boss sit through an entire day’s worth of outlaw rock, and followed it up by watching Rango when I got home (that’s the sort of outlaw mood I was in) . I could see this happening again.

I’m Not Leaving

… my apartment again today unless it’s on foot or bicycle. I got out of work thirty minutes early, and got home twenty minutes later than I usually do. Traffic for an accident on the bridge, then more traffic on my home stretch highway for no apparent reason, and traffic on the backroads, presumably trying to avoid the highway. Black squirrel! One of those. My toast is clutched, fried brains for eggs. Traffic. Mdjebnxkemxbxb…. hdbdaheou….

The Reward

I’ve been doing a lot of errands for my mom lately, which isn’t usually a problem except that she is a terrible planner. Coming from a woman who is accustomed to having all day, every day, with which to accomplish her daily life tasks, it sometimes frustrates me when she doesn’t take the time to be thorough with what she needs, causing me to have to go out multiple times during the week. Either way. Today’s task was to go to my local pet supply store and pick up a bag of very specific food for the bunny.

My initial plan had been to beeline for the small pets section, get the food, and get out and get on with my evening as quickly as possible. When I walked through the doors, I adjusted my mindset and changed the plan. I had a great time. I looked at all of the fish (they had a great saltwater assortment), checked out the birds (so cute! And so many pairs), and then went over and looked at all of the hamsters, guinea pigs, and chinchillas. It was so relaxing, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. As it turned out, they did not have the food she was looking for, but this was not determined until half the staff got involved and we had a huge meeting in the front of the store. Just like a party! one girl remarked happily.

As I went to leave, the sky outside the window didn’t even look real. I thought that there must have been some sort of tinted cling on the glass, but when the doors opened, there it was in all of its surreal glory. I started laughing, and went and leaned on the back of my car to watch as the colors brightened and finally burned out. It sort of made me feel like I was in the right place at the right time, and that alone is a certain kind of contentment…

Still More

… so as busy as Saturday was, there was still Sunday!
-Waking up
-In an abandoned tent we found in the woods
-Tweedledum and Tweedledee
-And Nugget
-Breakfast sandwiches
-Hipster coffee in the place that reminded me so much of one of the coffee houses I used to love
-Walk around
-Chocolate underground
-Independent bookstore
-He bought me a book
-I didn’t think it would mean that much to me
-Running into Chris and Kristina again
-Like locals
-Princess crowns
-The drive over the bridge
-Biking the rail trail over the Hudson
-Snacks at the caboose
-I can ride my bike
-With no handlebars, no handlebars
-Waiting in the parking lot, the fighting couple with a grocery cart
-Weird flashbacks
-Lunch in the field
-Apple picking
-The ribbons
-Trying all of the apples
-The Reach
-Apple cider doughnuts
-So hot. I didn’t intend to eat one there, but I was compelled
-The 21st century parents
-Coming home
-It had been a week
-So Good

As It Went

It was a full weekend. Full of adventures, full of people, full of things to do. It started with Saturday:
-Waking up with bunny
-Making pumpkin croissants
-Driving out into the sunshine
-Meeting up at the Park and Ride
-Storm clouds gave way to more sunshine
-They had already warmed up by walking around
-Just climb something!
-Bagel train
-Sending it, then not remembering how to do it
-The V7
-Pulling the roof
-The Black Square Army of legs
-Pulling the other roof
-Bread Box Crevasse
-Pterodactyl Parm
-That’s what I named the route I invented
-Marshal lounges
-I laughed. So much. I cried.
-The Lonesome Boner
-Doing the arete
-There was blood everywhere
-Dwarf Toss
-Parking lot goodbyes
-The swimming hole
-Camp Slime
-Trying to catch a sunset, and catching two people doing it in the woods instead
-Like, at least get off the trail??
-Indian food
-Running into Chris and Kristina
-Like locals
-Pumpkin Pie AND Apple Pie ice cream
-Shooting pool
-The Milky Way showed its face
-So alive

"I wish the microwave came with a more persistent, piercing alarm"

-Said no one ever

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