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This is a ghost story

… and it’s after midnight here, so we’re right on time.

Very few, if any, of you may know that I lived with my grandma in this house at one time. I lived here for six years, very few of which I recall with anything even remotely like clarity. I remember moving in; it was over the course of a week, in small amounts. I put my belongings in the front seat of my overheating Chevy Lumina and an hour later I was carrying those things up the forty two steps to the front door, and another flight of stairs to my new room. I didn’t have much.

The first night I came to stay, grandma was away on vacation. This would become a theme for many important events that happened in my life while I was here, but I didn’t know it at the time. She was worried that I would be afraid, at seventeen, of staying in this great sagging house of decay alone, so without consulting me, she asked my aunt and uncle to stay with me. They were amused, but game.

That first night I slipped between the new sheets bedecking the mattress on the ancient wooden bed posts, each one as large as a leg. My aunt and uncle were already asleep in the room across the stairwell, but I was full of so many things, I wasn’t sure if I would sleep. It seems that sleep did find me at some point. I’m not sure what woke me, but it was just in time for me to sit up and watch as the door to my room flew open and slammed against the wall. I watched through the darkness, eyes as wide as I could make them, as something that had been standing in the doorway stalked away and out of sight around the doorframe. I was terrified, and it was almost an hour before I returned to sleep.

In the morning, over breakfast, I asked my uncle what had happened the night before. His confusion made my heart sicken. Nothing happened, no one got up in the night, no one heard anything. When I described what happened to my door, ah, well, the drafts in this house sure are funny. They did not stay another night.

I wasn’t confident this living arrangement was going to work out, and I hadn’t even begun to live here with grandma. Before I went to bed the second night, I managed to find a fairly hefty old iron, the kind heated by fire, and this apparatus became my door block for the remainder of my time living here. It didn’t matter much, to be honest, although it was never the door that flew open in any of the following incidents. Either way, it was of little comfort on my second and subsequent nights that week and on those nights I did manage to get some sleep.

I can’t say for sure what went on here; as I’ve alluded, that was only the first of many incidents. For now though, as I type while propped up in that same bed (different room), I think it may be best to let those ghosts lie dormant and hope they don’t know I’m here.

Bunny Whisperer

I’m sorry for so many posts about the bunny, but seriously, she had me all stressed out. My mom has a lot of trouble with her, and I didn’t expect any different! I let her out this morning and she napped in her box city for a while before going back into her cage of her own accord, right in time for me to leave for work. This evening, I let her out and she sat at my feet and groomed herself for over an hour. Then when she started to express interest in the rug (this is usually how the trouble begins, I’ve been told), I walked over to her cage, and she followed me and hopped right in. 

I don’t get it. 

I think what we have here is a classic case of over-management. 

As it turns out

An hour and a half. Rabbit ran around like crazy for a little over an hour, and then she sat by my feet and I rubbed her nose until she fell asleep, so I picked her up and put her back in her cage without incident. Still skeptical, but the week is off to a promising start. Yeah.

Also, I transported a spider here on the outside of my car. A little over fifteen miles at speeds ranging from fifty five to sixty five? I tried to get it to bite me when we got here (I want one hundred percent grip strength at sixty five mph!), but it wasn’t having it. Oh well. Super spider is now off roaming the neighborhood. We’ll see how exciting the rest of the week is!

For the record

Spending the week at grandma’s is very different when you’re ten. Excitement level for this week: skeptical. For now, chillen with demon rabbit and wondering how long she needs to run around before she’s too tired to bite me when I go to put her back in her cage.

My Kind of Friday

… which is misleading, because I wouldn’t want every Friday to be like this, but anyway let’s not get hung up on that. I left work and plans changed en route to home, due to an awful accident that closed the road until what would end up being well past midnight. We took the train from my mom’s house instead and…

  • Trial by Turtles
  • not tbt, obvi, because that’s throwback thursdays
  • coffee treats
  • mocha-iatto/mack-iatta/moch-iotto for the ladies and gents
  • card shopping
  • do you want to have it all with me?
  • the pie shop was closed
  • the nerve
  • "no, thank you!" "okay. Wait, hold on, where are you from?"
  • Pick. A. Bagel.
  • he asked people coming in after us to make sure I would have a ticket stub for my collection
  • such a great spot
  • singing along and dancing all night long
  • Empanada Mama’s - gone
  • you leave the city for two months, and they close all your places
  • Bar Bacon
  • A tasting flight - of bacon
  • best waiter
  • such good food
  • the last ticket
  • everything for the best
  • the last train out
  • home at 3:45am
  • so peaceful

"Well there goes, like, a week’s worth of skin"

-things you will probably only hear from climbers

Tiny Screaming Animal

That has woken me up at two am every day this week: you do not sound as though you are in pain, frightened, or fighting, just pissed off. I would like to remind you that I am also an animal capable of screaming, and you are pissing me off. Also the autocorrect for pissed (posses) and pissing (pudding) are cracking me up, but not making this any less annoying. Goodnight, I hope.

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