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Trouble Sleeping

My brain, it has been doing weird things.

I stayed in a room with my mom for the wedding. When I woke up to the phone ringing Sunday morning, I knew where I was and how I had gotten there, but not who she was or what we were doing in the same room. I lay there, quietly freaking out, wondering how I ended up in a hotel room with a stranger. If she had looked over, I’m sure I looked terrified. I was planning my escape while she moved around the room and I slowly, slowly began to convince myself I did in fact, know this person. It took a long time for me to finally feel okay again. Weird.

Last night I woke at one am to the sound of someone (presumably one of my neighbors) in the hallway, sporadically spraying something. It was probably air freshener; she uses a significant amount of air freshener. My heart was swelling and I thought I might have a heart attack because I was somehow, beyond reason, convinced that whomever was in the hallway was there to spy on me. I lay there for the better part of an hour, totally silently losing it while this person fumbled around in the hallway. What the hell they were doing spraying things in the hallway for that long still remains a mystery, but whatever was going on certainly had nothing to do with me. I know that now even as I knew it then, but was unable to convince my brain otherwise.

We’ll see what tonight brings…

Three More Days

… until FOLK FEST. Snack shopping, check. Bicycle stuff, check. Miniature coffee and sunscreen, check. Sound check, check (who needs this?!). Changing up my stage itinerary for the hundredth time today, check. SO MUCH EXCITEMENTS, CHECK.

Who’s coming?

"Look at the tiny elephant!!"


Me, excitedly pointing at a discarded lawn reindeer, found while geocaching.

"I don’t think you know what an elephant is," was the bemused reply

Let’s talk about this group, shall we? I love them all.

Let’s talk about this group, shall we? I love them all.

Wedding Weekend

It was the first wedding of all of my cousins, and the first wedding my family has had in a long time. I traveled up through Massachusetts early Saturday, surprised by the number of other people on the road. I arrived at the hotel at exactly the right time, and the weekend took off.

There was a lot of dancing, some feelings of disconnect and being set adrift on my part, some more dancing, and so many good times. A good weekend, I suppose.


Climbs this week were pretty good. Tuesday night I spent almost the entire session breaking down a fairly challenging V5 boulder problem. All of the holds were backwards from what they would naturally want to be, and I got it to the point where I could smoothly sequence everything except for the questionable last move involving a scary left gaston over nothingness, which I just dyno-d over and over again. 

Last night I hit the ropes, and crushed. I warmed up on a kind of weird 5.10, and then spent the rest of the night crushing 11’s and 12’s. Stephen encouraged me to try an eleven over the prow, and I was surprised by how much I loved being exposed on the corner like that. I also cleaned up on an orange route over a box that Brian hates. I was disappointed when it was time to go home. Progress is good!

Slow Sunday

- Waking up at the lake
- French toast breakfast
- The lake alone
- Rope swing
- New paddleball record
- Feeling better
- The sun came out
- The olive oil shop
- Unplanned picnic in the town square
- Unplanned napping in the town square
- Waking up so much later
- Waking up covered in ants
- The tank
- A long walk back
- Free snacks! By way of finding small raspberry bushes along the sidewalk!
- I love free snacks

Saturday On the Road

- We went looking for my secret bouldering spot
- It was apparently so secret, we never found it
- Three hours of driving around it, but no access
- Free snacks, by way of finding some black raspberries growing in the parking lot of the grocery store we stopped at
- Trying one last road
- Backyard spaceship
- Trying to find a park to eat lunch in
- I ask oblique questions
- The verbal tour of town
- Ice cream in town
- Trying to geocache and getting scoped by a police officer who had just cleared off a bunch of no -good kids
- The horse farm
- The horses
- The lake house
- The lake
- Minihole golf
- Minihole golf in the dark
- Trying to get groceries while exhausted
- The most delicious salad
- Watching the full moon over the lake

In The Night

As I was leaving the gym last night, I stopped to watch a deer grazing in the freshly wet grass right across the parking lot. She stayed pretty close to the treeline until she caught sight of me. Her head went up, ears forward, which I did not find unusual, but what followed certainly was. As though she suddenly realized I was terrifically dangerous, she spooked and leapt straight into the underbrush with such haste that she stumbled a bit. I heard her crashing through the woods, leaving the area as quickly as she could. Well, I felt this was a bit of an overreaction on her part, but not long after that I heard a sound that sent chills down my spine. From the top of the ridge behind the gym, it started like a deep moan, but tapered upwards before choking and becoming more guttural and primal. This went on, the sound becoming less earthly and louder before becoming recognizable as something canine. 

It never came off the ridge, thank goodness, whatever it was, but I bet anything the doe scented it. I do not wish to know what it was, or what awful event became it. What really troubles me is that the creature was clearly in pain or dying, but there was no accompanying other noise to indicate what exactly had befallen it…

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