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So Great

Last night I saw Ani Defranco, and rather locally too. I was so excited to not have to go into the city, and I was even able to have a proper meal beforehand. I got to my seat five min before the opening act, and it worked out great. 

  • I had a third row seat, which is one of the awesome things about going to a seated show by yourself. 
  • The only other people in my row were there by themselves too
  • We all looked at each other and started laughing
  • The guy next to me was a stoner, the woman to my right was a pot enthusiast
  • The difference? She laughed too hard at all of the pot jokes, and he did too, but on a three-four second delay
  • He did smell like amazing patchouli though
  • I like that smell, sorry
  • The opener was great
  • Ani was amazing
  • It was so nice to go to a show and relax, for once
  • I felt so good afterwards
  • So much great music
  • Watching the people during the encore
  • I was home by 11:20 and asleep by midnight

It Felt Good

Tonight I did something I haven’t done in a very long time. I went to make the exchange between two highways on my way home, and the entrance ramp for the one was completely backed up. It was a gorgeous evening and I was driving with the windows down, I had nowhere to go. In a moment of decision making, I carefully transferred lanes and got onto the entrance ramp heading in the opposite direction…

I got off at the first exit, which is really only a handful of exits from where I live, but it was still unfamiliar and I spent the next half hour getting wonderfully, blissfully lost. I drove through quiet neighborhoods, past a lovely old graveyard, through several stone cutting yards, and everywhere in general. There were relatively few other cars on my travels, and it made the afternoon quiet and peaceful. I wasn’t once stressed out or anxious. I passed by the highway, or various ways to the highway many times, but stuck to my new plan.

I probably could have sat in the traffic and made it home in half the time, but that wasn’t the point. When my ramblings finally brought me the back way to somewhere I was familiar with, I realized I was right near a new grocery store, so I went in and gave it a look. As it so happened, I encountered the checkout guy that used to work at the grocery store next to my apartment. It was nice to see him, and we chatted amicably while he rang up my purchases. Seeing him and having that conversation sort of made me feel as though I picked the right thing to do tonight, and I returned home feeling very content and relaxed. I should remember more, that sometimes all I need is to get lost a little.

Some Sort

The studio windows are all open, the trees are finally blossoming, and there was a fire in the fire pit over the weekend so the entire studio smells faintly of wood smoke. If this isn’t some sort of small heaven, I don’t know what is. 


Architectural thesis, so fun! Haha. I’m not sure why I expected her to he a lot more organized, but here we are throwing things together. I cut topo for two models and plastered one of them. There was dumpster diving, suspicious trips to the crafts store, grocery shopping, making egg salad for lunch, having amazing mac and cheese for dinner, and yeah. I am totally spent. I didn’t expect to sleep too much, but it’s definitely taken a lot out of me. One more day, should be exciting.

Another Week

… completely shot. Lots of late nights, some snow, some angst, lots of climbing, a new bike (!!!), and not much sleep. Or tumblr. This weekend will find me headed north to help my brother’s girlfriend with her architectural thesis, and while I’m so excited to see them again, I just want to sleep. Should be good times!

Last Night

I ran for the first time in a long time. I decided to keep it a little easier, and headed for the wooded portion of my neighborhood. As I made my way over the sidewalk the number of streetlights diminished, and soon I was running by moonlight only. The moon itself was hazy and secret; an autumn moon much more so than a spring one. Damp air slid over my bare arms, and my feet on the crumbling concrete were the only sound breaking my corner of the night. The neighborhood I soon wound through dressed itself in a deeper darkness, and I could tell which homes were of a certain faith because cars spilled out of their driveways and I picked my way around them while admiring the festival glow of their windows. Finally breaking into the wan circle of a streetlight once more, I aimed my nose down the hill and let my toes grab forward faster than I had thought I should. Nearly one mile straight down, like a keening bird over a river, I found myself forgetting to breathe as often as I should. I turned off just before the bottom, and began loping easily back homeward. 

At the end of it all though, I kept returning to the thought that if I am constantly imagining myself running through places more wild than this, what am I doing here in these neighborhoods of incomplete sidewalks and so many parked cars? Why stay, when most of the running I do is to see what wild corners I can find in a neighborhood so built up, that the night rabbits take their meals in the medians?


… invented leafblowers should not have been allowed to die before they made silencers for them too. I swear to god, I am about to put a chair through a window. I cannot get away from these damned things.

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